Making Lunch Fun, One Box at a Time

ben·tol·o·gy (ben t äləjē) Noun : The study of making nutritious and fun lunches for my daughters.

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. So, in hopes someone might get some inspiration from me, I've decided to post some pictures here.

This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.Proverbs 3:7-9

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Anyone who knows my oldest daughter has probably met Puppers. He is her most loved and prized possession and has been around pretty much as long as she has. He's a little stuffed brown dog. In fact, this morning she told me that if there was a fire in the house and she can only grab 2 things, she'd take Puppers and Phoebe (our cat)...Sorry Avery, looks like you are on your own! (By the way, we talked about how if there was a fire, she needed to get out and not worry about grabbing ANYTHING. But, anyway, I digress...)

Tomorrow's lunch is a tribute to Puppers:

  • 2 salami and cheddar, with yellow mustard, sandwiches on whole wheat (stacked). The ear, nose and tail are made from the crust of the bread and he has an icing eye

  • Strawberry flower with a blackberry center

  • Steamed broccoli with ranch

  • a mini Snickers


  1. That is very very cute!

    Silly question: do you "make" the icing eyes, or are they already made and solid?

  2. Not silly -- I don't make my own. I buy them online but have also seen them at Michael's and JoAnn's in the cake decoration section.

  3. Caren- I am a teacher blogger and just blogged about your bento boxes for back to school lunches! I love them! What a great site, I'm following now. Thanks Sarah

  4. Thank you SO much Sarah!!! Glad to have you :)

  5. Love Puppers!! He's adorable!!! I bet she'll flip!! :)

  6. Do you make your sandwiches the night before? If so, how do you ensure they don't get soggy or dried out? And what about other smells/flavors permeating into one another over night?

  7. CG, I do make my lunches the night (or sometimes even the afternoon) before. I don't do anything special to the sandwiches to keep them from getting soggy but that hasn't been a problem. I do put a piece of wax or parchment paper over the decoration prior to putting the lid on to protect it. I also don't attach the icing eye until the morning. Finally, we have not had any problems with the food permeating into one another.