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ben·tol·o·gy (ben t äləjē) Noun : The study of making nutritious and fun lunches for my daughters.

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. So, in hopes someone might get some inspiration from me, I've decided to post some pictures here.

This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.Proverbs 3:7-9

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not sure what's up with Blogspot...

Hey everyone, I just wanted to put up a quick post to say that I'm having trouble commenting on my blog (as well as any others). I'm not sure what the deal is. I know some other people are having this problem too. But, obviously not everyone is since some of you have left me comments. THANK YOU for the comments! I love reading them. You guys are quite a boost to a girl's ego ;)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Whew.. I was able to comment.
    First I love your blog, but I'm sad its on blogger- because well Blogger is so undependable. I switched just before Blogger got so bad.
    anywho, Happy Blogging! <3

  2. Yeah, I can see that on the last few posts you've made, the comments are closed completely. Did you accidentally change something in Blogger so that it automatically closes the comment section after a day or something maybe? Or maybe Blogger is just being funky and will correct itself, bleh.

  3. Mine was being funky last week - not sure if you've got all of it resolved or not, but mine wouldn't let me log-in or do anything.
    I went throught the 'help' guides and it suggested logging off, cleaning out your cookies and temp internet files and then restarting your computer. It worked for me but not sure why it acted up in the first place (?)

  4. Keeley, thanks for the tip! Although, it appears to be working now.