Making Lunch Fun, One Box at a Time

ben·tol·o·gy (ben t äləjē) Noun : The study of making nutritious and fun lunches for my daughters.

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. So, in hopes someone might get some inspiration from me, I've decided to post some pictures here.

This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.Proverbs 3:7-9

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Go Buckeyes!!

The weather today definitely feels like fall and with fall, comes football! So, tomorrow's bento supports our Buckeyes!

  • 2 salami and cheddar on whole wheat "football" sandwiches. I decorated the football with the crust from the bread and a little provolone cheese.

  • Steamed broccoli with ranch for dipping and a super cute OSU pick that my wonderful sister-in-law bought for me...check out her amazing food blog.

  • Blueberries with letter picks that spell "Go Bucks!"

  • Babybel Buckeye

  • Mini Twix candy bar*

*I wish I had the time to make to make chocolate peanut butter buckeyes today. They would have been the perfect dessert for this bento...and then I could have eaten the rest! ;)

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  1. Very cute...even if it's the WRONG team! LOL!

  2. Tanner was drooling over the computer for this lunch! :) Go Bucks!!

  3. I love it! I've never seen a football shaped sandwich and it's so stinking cute. Thank you for the shout out! :) I-O!

  4. Love this football sandwich! Love the way you cut it.