Making Lunch Fun, One Box at a Time

ben·tol·o·gy (ben t äləjē) Noun : The study of making nutritious and fun lunches for my daughters.

I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. So, in hopes someone might get some inspiration from me, I've decided to post some pictures here.

This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.Proverbs 3:7-9

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kid-Made Bentos!

The girls wanted to pack their own lunches today. So, I pulled out all my supplies and let them have at it! This is what they came up with.

Haley's Lunch

  • 2 PB and Honey sandwiches on whole wheat (stacked) in a flower shape. She decorated them with food safe markers and added a cheddar center on the flower.
  • Strawberry kabobs
  • Edamame beans

Avery's Lunch

  • 2 PB&J sandwiches on whole wheat cut in the shape of ice cream cones and decorated with food safe markers
  • Red grapes
  • Edamame beans
  • 2 Cherry tomatoes (using one of my new them!)
  • A chocolate heart

I think they did a great job and I didn't have to make lunch (double bonus!!)


  1. Oh my gosh! They did such a great job!!
    <3 "Miss Beth"

  2. Beth -- Avery was SO excited that you commented :)

  3. Ok there are two little girls who are gonna follow in their Mama's creative footsteps!!! :)
    I am super impressed!!! You girls did a Fantastic job!! Really cute!!!
    Ok, now can you come over and make me lunch?!?! :)

  4. Very cool! They both did a great job.

  5. Very cute... my kids love the food safe markers. They like to draw on a slice provolone and then eat it!